Short Throw Projectors

Do you want a movie theater 4k+ quality image in your living room or home theater? Using short throw projectors, Defined A/V can make it happen. These projectors are perfect for smaller spaces as they are designed with minimal space and no obstruction in mind. If you want all of this, the short throw projector […]

Hidden Media Rooms

The days of living rooms with huge entertainment centers full of DVD players and gaming equipment is long gone. Just look on Craig’s list and you will see them being given away by the hundreds. It’s 2020 and people want their electronics out of sight and their rooms to have multiple purposes. Hide your media […]

Security Systems

Modern Security Issues – Types of Security Systems As modern crime soars, it is necessary to combat it with modern security solutions. Many camera systems today can be purchased and installed by the consumer. However, these systems run entirely on wireless network, and have weak points. Burglars and thieves are using network jamming tools to […]

Structured Wiring Systems

Our engineers are experts in communications infrastructure and will design a highly reliable structured wiring systems optimized for your needs.

Door Stations

Door Stations and Intercom Systems Security is a priority for most homeowners these days, and our team can help provide many solutions. Knowing who is at the door or gate to your home is a crucial part of keeping your family safe. We can provide this peace of mind through the use of door stations […]

Interior And Exterior Lighting

Interior Lighting Controls Defined Entertainment Design offers affordable interior and exterior lighting that can be integrated into your smart home control systems. Save on utilities and create a comfortable atmosphere in your home. We provide ultimate control by allowing you to manipulate a wide variety of lighting environments. Our technicians are able to integrate lighting […]

Centralized HD Video Distribution

Imaging having one location for all of your homes audio and video equipment? That’s centralized HD Video Distribution. Get rid of the HD cable boxes cluttering up every room. Just because you have 5 TVs doesn’t mean you need 5 cable boxes. There will be no need for multiple Blu-Ray players or any other devices. […]

Video Wall Systems

  We offer high-quality video wall systems with a wide range of different sizes, resolutions and technologies. From LCD video walls to rear projector video walls, no project is too big or too small.

Audio/Visual Integration

Audio/Visual systems do not have to be huge speakers sitting next to the TV, or big clunky equipment that ruins the look of the space. At Defined A/V, we know how to integrate your technology and still preserve the look of your home. All of this can be done while providing the automation experience of […]

Waiting Rooms for Doctors and Dentists

waiting room with TV and lighting

Waiting rooms for doctors and dentists often bring stress or anxiety to the patients. We can help bring the patients who are awaiting treatment back into a peaceful atmosphere. The average patient waits twenty minutes before being seen for their appointment. Healthcare providers have an excellent opportunity to enhance their relationships with their patients during […]