Centralized HD Video Distribution

Imaging having one location for all of your homes audio and video equipment? That’s centralized HD Video Distribution. Get rid of the HD cable boxes cluttering up every room. Just because you have 5 TVs doesn’t mean you need 5 cable boxes. There will be no need for multiple Blu-Ray players or any other devices. You’ll be able to access every device from any TV all from one centralized source.

Let’s say you have 3 HD Cable boxes or satellite receivers, a Blu-Ray player, 2 Apple TVs, and Xbox One. We’ll connect all of these devices to a central HDMI switchboard. Then you will be able to access any of these devices from any TV in your house. You could record a show on one HD-DVR, while watching a sports game in the living room, while you kids play video games in the game room, all at the same time. Seamless integration of all of your digital entertainment devices in once location.  That’s the power of centralized HD video distribution.