Door Stations

Door Stations and Intercom Systems

Security is a priority for most homeowners these days, and our team can help provide many solutions. Knowing who is at the door or gate to your home is a crucial part of keeping your family safe. We can provide this peace of mind through the use of door stations and networked intercoms. These gate and door keypads can be with or without a camera, and connect to your smart phone. You can see who is at the entrance to your home by utilizing an app on your phone from anywhere there is internet connection. To minimize the number of apps that control your home, we can tie your door or gate station to Control4 home automation. This puts all of your controls in one place. 

Gate Codes- A thing of the past or newly defined?

Want to allow guests into your property but still maintain peace of mind? Assign specific gate codes to different people such as housekeeping, grounds maintenance, family, or house sitters. You can change or de-activate these codes as needed. This is just one of the many door station features that keep your home safe. 

doorbird door stations

Two-Way Communication Capabilities with Intercoms

Do you ever wish you could greet deliveries or family members who arrive at the home while you are away? With Door Stations such as Doorbird, you can do exactly that. Two way communication utilizing your smart phone application allows you to talk to visitors who are at the door. Instruct delivery drivers on where to place packages, tell guests you will answer the door shortly, or tell solicitors to leave so the dogs stop barking. All of these can be done using the two way communication on door stations or keypads.  

Doorbird door stations and intercoms are compatible with Control4 home automation. This feature allows you to access the door station camera and receive notifications through your Control4 App.