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Control4 Installation Ventura County CA

We’ll build you the smart home of your dreams with Control4!

Watch this video to see many examples of the things you can control with our home automation systems.


Control4 smart home automation systems installation and design consulting in Thousand Oaks, Malibu, Santa Monica & Beverly Hills.

Defined Entertainment Design has created state-of-the-art home and business automation system packages to fully and completely enhance your electronic lifestyle. We offer a variety of both touch-screen and conventional hard button control systems to control your theater, lighting, audio, media room, security, and fire protection systems. They allow unprecedented control over each subsystem. The design of the system allows you to manage every one of your systems from a user-friendly interface that lets you control the systems from your Mobile Phone, Tablet, TV, Alexa, or your computer. DED uses many Control4 products for control features. We’re some of the best home automation professionals in the industry. Speak with us directly to learn how we can create a unique home automation experience for your lifestyle, request a free consultation.





Responsive, high-performance home automation for the discerning customer who settles for nothing but the best.


  • Dim the lights, play music, turn up the heat, and secure your house with the press of a button or a single voice command
  • Built with the audiophile in mind—hear true detail, timbre, and texture, for a more emotionally engaging listening experience
  • Nearly 10,000 household devices can be connected and controlled with one, intuitive system
  • Discover the unique experience we can create for your home, request a consultation





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Control4 Installation Thousand Oaks


Audio in any room with access to your music libraries and streaming services like Apple Music or Spotify

Control4 Installation Thousand Oaks


Play television, movies, or videos on any screen with access to all of your content from Live TV & Sports, to Netflix, HBO, and everything in between.

Control3 Remote Control Setup

Comfort Controls

Experience the comfort of controlling your smart home from your dedicated Control 4 remote, and dedicated touch screens built into the walls.


Control4 mobile app shown on iPhone held by a woman

Mobile Apps

Control4 Mobile Apps for iPhone, Alexa, iPad, Apple Watch, Android, and more let your control your smart home anytime, from any device.

Control4 Mobile Apps on iPhone


Lighting can be brightened or dimmed in any room or the whole house with a single touch.

Control4 climate control on iPhone

Climate Control

Change the temperature of any room or your entire house with a single touch. The ultimate control energy efficiency and convenience.


Control4 Amazon Alexa Voice control for smart homes in Southern California

Alexa Voice Control

Imagine this… We’ve all been there—walking through the door, arms full, into a dark house. Wouldn’t it be nice to tell your house to offer a helping hand? Now you can. A simple voice command—such as “Alexa, turn on Welcome”—lights up the hallway and kitchen, fires up your favorite Pandora station, while the door locks itself behind you. This is Control4 Home Automation with Amazon Alexa.

Control4 home security installation Thousand Oaks CA

Home Security

Your most valuable asset is your family. Control4 premium automation solutions can give you complete control over all the systems and devices in your home so your treasures are always safe and secure. Stay in-the-know with 24/7 home monitoring from your smartphone. Make sure your kids didn’t leave the garage door open—or, if they did, close it instantly. View your security cameras any time, from anywhere and get text alerts based on certain actions, whether it’s when your teenager gets home from dance class or the dishwasher springs a leak. Smart home, happy family. Control4.

Control4 wifi network installation Thousand Oaks CA

WiFi Network

Secure network and WiFi powered by Control4 connecting all of your electronic systems in one easy-to-use hub. With a Control4 Network, all your devices work together seamlessly to provide a more comfortable and happy home.