Interior And Exterior Lighting

Interior Lighting Controls

Defined Entertainment Design offers affordable interior and exterior lighting that can be integrated into your smart home control systems. Save on utilities and create a comfortable atmosphere in your home. We provide ultimate control by allowing you to manipulate a wide variety of lighting environments. Our technicians are able to integrate lighting in the home or office using smart switches and our home automation systems. Through these systems, homeowners can control the system using light switches, hard button keypads, touchscreens, smartphones, tablets or even TVs. 

Unlock the features of your home with automated lighting in entertainment spaces, entryways, kitchen, dining room, and living areas. Set your holiday decorations to turn on and off each season, or keep your patio lights on all summer long. 

Security Lighting

We offer our clients increased security with advanced lighting control systems. By doing this, we can grant total control over your interior and exterior lighting. Through the use of automated technology, it is possible to create a scene of ambiance lighting and “set the mood”. We can even program the lights to dim when you start a movie, or have them turn on when you enter the home.

Cost Saving

Additionally, a lighting control system can often pay for itself in a few billing cycles. Smart lighting can automatically turn on and off to help reduce electricity and lower costs. Besides cost, Interior and exterior lighting can also help to keep your home secure. Through timers that kick on the lights at sundown, or scheduled activity to replicate occupancy, we can help keep your home secure. 

interior and exterior lighting

Customizable Interior and Exterior Lighting Systems

We can add lighting control systems to any home or business, whether it is old or new. Defined Entertainment Design’s systems allow retrofitting of any home, whether upgrades are done now, or sometime in the future. Our systems are modular, and can be added easily at any time after the initial system install. You can create your lighting system one switch at a time. Defined Entertainment Design uses Control4 lighting making it easy for everyday use. Contact us today to get started on your interior and exterior lighting systems.