Security Systems

Modern Security Issues - Types of Security Systems

As modern crime soars, it is necessary to combat it with modern security solutions. Many camera systems today can be purchased and installed by the consumer. However, these systems run entirely on wireless network, and have weak points. Burglars and thieves are using network jamming tools to shut down the cameras and alarms on homes in order to act undetected. Our technicians are certified installers for hard wire camera systems that do not rely on your network. These security systems are foolproof and will keep your home, family, and possessions under a sharp eye. 

Controlling and Accessing Security Systems

Your security cameras and alarms can be tied into automation such as Control4 to allow access anywhere. We all worry about our home while we are away. With integrated security systems, you can see and hear what is going on in or around your home. Access the cameras and alarms from anywhere there is a stable connection with your smart phone.   

Additional Security Measures

These days, security systems are much more than cameras and alarms. At Defined A/V, we want to make sure your home is the safest place you can be. We can add interior and exterior lighting schedules using our smart home systems such as Control4. Controllable smart locks allow you to ensure your kids did not forget to lock the door behind them, or open the door for guests when you are away. Doorbird stations and intercoms allow you to monitor who has access to the property and know when they arrive. All of this can be combined to create one cohesive security system.