Short Throw Projectors

Do you want a movie theater 4k+ quality image in your living room or home theater? Using short throw projectors, Defined A/V can make it happen. These projectors are perfect for smaller spaces as they are designed with minimal space and no obstruction in mind. If you want all of this, the short throw projector is the right fit for you.  This amazing innovation in projection technology allows the projector screen to be hidden in a sleek under-TV cabinet.  When it is time to enter the movie theater experience, the short throw projector opens from below the screen and throws the image from less than a foot away. 

Short throw projectors bring the vibrant colors and details without taking away the overall look of the space. These small yet mighty marvels allow you to enjoy the luxury of a movie theater right in your own home. Our short throw projectors can be integrated with our Home Audio Systems in order to provide the movie theater sound we all know and love. Pair these projection innovations with Sonos Cinematic audio and integrate the whole system into Control4 theater controls for complete access with the touch of a button.