Audio/Visual Integration

Audio/Visual systems do not have to be huge speakers sitting next to the TV, or big clunky equipment that ruins the look of the space. At Defined A/V, we know how to integrate your technology and still preserve the look of your home. All of this can be done while providing the automation experience of your dreams. Our professionally trained technicians install top of the line audio/visual equipment in order to build the best, seamless automation system for your home. 

Integration allows for less equipment clutter in your entertainment rooms, offices, or bedrooms. We are able to achieve this by putting all your audio/visual equipment into one control system. Integration of these systems also allows for easy controls without needing multiple controllers. With our integrated systems, you can even control your equipment from a smartphone or tablet. Our tech partners, such as Control4, allow integrated controls into one app on your device. This puts all of your audio/visual controls in the palm of your hand, anywhere in your home. 

audio/visual integration

Modern audio/visual equipment allows us to install “invisible” speakers into walls, ceilings, or cabinetry. Likewise, more audio companies are creating products that have a sleek, elegant image that blends into the style of your home. After all, it is better to embrace the beauty of a product than try to hide it. These modifications are not just happening in the audio field. Designer visual products, such as projectors, are on the rise. For example, short throw projectors can provide the same crystal clear image without a large box hanging from your ceiling. Sleek cabinetry can be used to house these products and their partnering equipment 

Our technicians can run all of your audio equipment into hidden locations such as the closet, laundry room, garage, or utility room. This allows for easy accessibility and a cleaner look in the entertainment or meeting space. The options are endless and open with Defined A/V.