Smartphone & Tablet Integration

Smartphones and Tablets are the personal assistants of the modern world. By using them in your home, we can give you complete control over the functionality in your smart home systems. Our professional technicians can integrate security, audio, visual, lighting, entrance points, and climate controls all into one control interface.  

Stream music to your custom sound systems through your favorite smartphone apps like Apple Music and Spotify. Be your own DJ and boost the atmosphere at any party with user-friendly controls at your fingertips. At Defined A/V, we can do all of this and more. You can control your TV, projector, or home theater set up from your tablet instead of juggling 4 different remotes. With entertainment controls, we can also add lighting to your automation system. This allows you to set timers. control lights from anywhere in the home, and even add specific settings like “movie mode” or “party time”.  

Securing Your Home with a Smartphone or Tablet....

security footage on smartphone

With your tablet or smartphone, you can unlock the doors, turn off the security system, and set the lights in your home to turn on- all before you get through the door.  The added safety features are limitless. Communicate with guests at the door through your smartphone or tablet connection with smart doorbells. You can even monitor camera feeds from your smartphone while you travel to ensure there are no surprises upon your return.  

We use apps from out tech partners like Control4, OvrC, Nest, Lutron, BlueSound, and more to integrate your controls. It is even possible to put all of the controls onto one smartphone app such as Control4. This means that you do not have to crowd your smartphone and tablet home screens with multiple apps to control your smart home. One app per device will give you ultimate control over the entire house. Let us upgrade your controls to your smartphone or tablet for the ultimate experience!