Control System / Automation


Control systems are the ultimate tool to unlock a positive automation experience. At Defined A/V, our team of technicians are here to make your home automation operate in the smoothest way possible. We achieve this through a user-friendly touch screen interface and mobile app. Our control systems give you the power over sound, lighting, video, and security in your home.  With our automation, you can control everything in your smart home using one single interface.

C4 control system

The Possibilities are Endless With Our Control Systems...

Imagine having the ability to turn on music, change the lighting, and unlock the door as guests arrive- all while watching the food as it cooks on the stove. With an integrated smart home control system, this is possible. You can even let the dog sitter in from across the country or turn on the lights while you are gone.  

Want to secure your residence while you travel? Set the security system remotely to prevent any would-be burglars from targeting your home. You can even close the garage when the kids forget to push the button and turn on the porch light before you get to the door. Control the AC and Heating system from the road to save energy and have a perfect temperature when you get home. These are just a few examples of the access you can gain from smart automation. Safety, comfort, and convenience are results you can enjoy with our controls at your fingertips. 

control systems for automation

By partnering with high-end companies such as Control4,  Nest, and OvrC, we can provide a top notch whole home automation experience. These control systems are available on any smart phone, tablet, or wall mounted touch screen. Access your entire home in the palm of your hand with our user-friendly interface. Let us automate your control systems and unlock the potential in your smart home. Contact us today to unlock the automation potential!