Waiting Rooms for Doctors and Dentists

waiting room with TV and lighting

Waiting rooms for doctors and dentists often bring stress or anxiety to the patients. We can help bring the patients who are awaiting treatment back into a peaceful atmosphere. The average patient waits twenty minutes before being seen for their appointment. Healthcare providers have an excellent opportunity to enhance their relationships with their patients during the wait time. Defined Entertainment offers dentist and doctor’s offices a full range of waiting room media services. Flat panel LED TV installation, and app based remote control configuration are some of our most popular services. We can also provide music through high quality sound systems, and secure internet access for patients to access in the office. 

Distraction and entertainment are the best ways to put patients at ease while in the waiting room or their appointments. Our experienced technicians know how to provide user-friendly, simple, and effective entertainment. There is something available for everyone- whether it is ambient music, or streaming cartoons to entertain children. Let us help you make your patients feel at home while they are waiting to be seen.  

Secure Network or Waiting Rooms...


We can also help enhance waiting room experience by setting up secure free WiFi just for patients and multi-channel audio systems that can be used for both background music and announcements. We have years experience working with leading patient education platforms for waiting rooms, including Patient Point (formerly accent Health) and Health Media Networks. provides us with a deep knowledge base for healthcare specific media networks. A patients This experience is the top priority for all doctors and dentists.  Best of all, patients are guaranteed to have a pleasant visit with our specialized waiting rooms. 

Contact us today for a consultation, and we will help you determine the best media solutions for your office’s waiting room.