Lutron Logo

Lutron is an industry leading smart home system that allows total control over your home lighting and atmosphere. With automated shades and whole home lighting, the possibilities are endless. Choose from custom designed shades in hundreds of color and style variations to fit the aesthetic of your home. Control your home’s lighting at the touch of […]

Short Throw Projectors

Do you want a movie theater 4k+ quality image in your living room or home theater? Using short throw projectors, Defined A/V can make it happen. These projectors are perfect for smaller spaces as they are designed with minimal space and no obstruction in mind. If you want all of this, the short throw projector […]

Hidden Media Rooms

The days of living rooms with huge entertainment centers full of DVD players and gaming equipment is long gone. Just look on Craig’s list and you will see them being given away by the hundreds. It’s 2020 and people want their electronics out of sight and their rooms to have multiple purposes. Hide your media […]

Energy Management

Save money on energy costs, qualify for cash rebates and help the environment by installing energy management systems. We can help you select the best technologies to meet your energy management needs. Our intelligent energy management systems can even program themselves to save money on your homes heating and cooling costs.

Security Systems

Keep on eye on your home or business. From a basic nanny cam, to a motion activated automatic recording system, we can set up the proper security camera system for your needs. By installing a home security camera system, you can lower your insurance premium and increase your peace of mind. You will be able […]

Structured Wiring Systems

Our engineers are experts in communications infrastructure and will design a highly reliable structured wiring systems optimized for your needs.

Intercom Systems

  Imagine communicating room to room or from your front door from anywhere. This is possible with our advanced video intercom systems. We will help you select the best intercom technology for your needs then install it so everything works perfectly. You’ll be able to see how is at your front door right from your […]

Interior & Exterior Lighting Systems

  Defined Entertainment Design offers affordable lighting control systems specifically designed for both homes or businesses. Our lighting control systems provide energy savings as well as peace of mind by allowing you to control a wide variety of lighting environments using intelligent switch communication. Lighting can be controlled by the light switches themselves, multi hard […]

Centralized HD Video Distribution

Imaging having one location for all of your homes audio and video equipment? That’s centralized HD Video Distribution. Get rid of the HD cable boxes cluttering up every room. Just because you have 5 TVs doesn’t mean you need 5 cable boxes. There will be no need for multiple Blu-Ray players or any other devices. […]

Video Wall System

  We offer high-quality video wall systems with a wide range of different sizes, resolutions and technologies. From LCD video walls to rear projector video walls, no project is too big or too small.