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Lutron is an industry leading smart home system that allows total control over your home lighting and atmosphere. With automated shades and whole home lighting, the possibilities are endless. Choose from custom designed shades in hundreds of color and style variations to fit the aesthetic of your home. Control your home’s lighting at the touch of a button or on the smart home app.

Lutron shades

Lutron provides a wide range of options including wood blinds, sheer paneling, and blackout shades. With an extensive color catalog, and the ability to create shades that are custom fit to your home’s windows, the look will be seamless. These shades are the key to functionality meeting design. Lutron controls also integrate with Control4 and other smart home automation systems, allowing for you to have full access under one application. This means that the lights can turn on automatically when you lower the shades with the Lutron controls. 

Lutron Lighting

Lighting controls are Lutron’s primary focus, and they are one of the best manufacturers in the business. Their high quality switches, controls, and software mean that their systems are top notch quality you can depend on. Automated lighting is not just about convenience, it’s about safety, security, and functionality in the place you call home.