Smart Home Automation Systems

We’ll build you the smart home of your dreams with Control4! Watch this video to see many examples of the things you can control with our home automation systems.   Control4 smart home automation systems installation and design consulting in Thousand Oaks, Malibu, Santa Monica & Beverly Hills. Defined Entertainment Design has created state-of-the-art home […]

Home Theater Installation

Experience the thrill of owning an affordable and reasonably priced, state-of-the-art home theater system custom designed to meet all of your electronic lifestyle needs!   Designing Your Dream Home Theater Creating an amazing home theater starts with designing the room itself. We consider the rooms size, shape, acoustics and as we work with you to develop the best […]

Whole-Home Audio Systems

Listen to varied music in numerous rooms at diverse volume levels, all from a single, easy to use system. We are experienced and educated on all music content delivery systems from cloud based music services like Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, Rhapsody or Slacker to music on iTunes, music stored on personal computer hard drives or even conventional media like compact disks […]

Sound System Installation

We’ll get the best performance out of your sound system. Plus we can install it with out showing any wires and minimal rearranging. So before you start moving around all of your furniture and knocking down walls, give us a call. We can even remove your old audio equipment if you’d like.

A/V Control System / Automation


  We’re experts at installing consoles that manage your audio, visual and lighting systems. Our A/V control system automation will be streamlined for efficiency, performance and ease of use.

Audio / Visual Integration

We mix art and science to create high quality audio visual integration for rooms, homes and commercial buildings. The art takes place in the design of the rooms itself. We work wit the lighting, layout and furniture and plan the best technologies to make everything come together. The science happens when we engineers all of […]

Intercom Systems

  Imagine communicating room to room or from your front door from anywhere. This is possible with our advanced video intercom systems. We will help you select the best intercom technology for your needs then install it so everything works perfectly. You’ll be able to see how is at your front door right from your […]

Hidden Media Rooms

The days of living rooms with huge entertainment centers full of DVD players and gaming equipment is long gone. Just look on Craig’s list and you will see them being given away by the hundreds. It’s 2020 and people want their electronics out of sight and their rooms to have multiple purposes. Hide your media […]