Sound System Installation

Let us bring the sound of your dreams into reality. Our professionally trained audio design and install team will help to create a top-of-the-line sound system installation in your home or business. Whether your goal is to boost the atmosphere at parties, or enjoy your favorite artist in high quality, we will provide the best audio solution for your case. Our team of technicians can even install updates for venues that need permanent high quality sound installed for events such as weddings, performances, and more.

While an audio system needs to sound good, it also needs to look good. Our team specializes in clean work with very few wires, and minimal construction into existing spaces. As always, we guarantee a mess free install with beautiful results. We can utilize free standing, in wall, in ceiling, and invisible speakers to create the look you want for your space, without compromising the sound quality.  

We’ll get the best performance out of your sound system. Using speakers from Triad, Episode, BlueSoundJames Loudspeaker, and more, out technicians create the sound system installation to match your needs. By using specialized audio calibration tools, we can optimize the sound quality in your specific spaces. This calibration is all based on the physics behind sound wave interaction with the materials and the shape of the room. 

Bluesound Vault 2i & Powernode 2i

A good audio system also needs controls. Using our expertise in smart home automation and integration systems, we will give you complete control over your sound system. If you already have a control system, don’t worry! We can integrate a new sound system into an existing control interface to give you complete access to your home. If you want controls just for your sound system, we can utilize the combination of BlueSound Speakers and BlueOS- BlueSound’s very own app-based controls.    

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