Projector Installation

Projector Installation is yet another specialty here at Defined A/V. Whether you want a movie quality image your home theater, or a presentation set up in a meeting room in the office, we have you covered. We have extensive experience with professional projector installation for homes and businesses. Revamp your conference, training, and debrief rooms on the business side, or build you dream theater or sports bar experience on the residential side. The options are limitless with Defined A/V. After all, custom is our specialty- even for projector installation!



Defined A/V offers a wide selection of projectors from our tech partners SONY and Epson. These two brands allow us to provide a  perfect projector for any space. Project sports, cinematic film, presentations, and entertainment like never before. 


Choose from the highest quality display screens thanks to our tech partners. Defined A/V partners with Stewart Filmscreens to bring top-of-the-line projector screens, with options such as acoustically transparent, electric, fixed frame, and custom sized. Stewart provides the best screens in the industry- for both corporate and residential uses. 

Projector Installation in the meeting room of a office
Projector Installation in a home theater
We will take the time with your projector installation and all of the supporting equipment to be sure it is done correctly, and without the unsightly wiring. A clean, modern, and tasteful projector install is the goal for any jobsite we step foot on. From presentations to entertainment, we cover all the bases in our projector installation.  
We can even provide a customized sound system to pair with the projector display!