Clara shades and window solutions

Indoor Solutions

Control the lighting and privacy in your home with automated Clara Shades. Clara is a strong competitor in the window solution industry due to their high quality product at a competitive price point. Clara has a wide range of shades available with options for every part of your home. Some options include sheer panels, blackout shades, opaque shades, and dual rollers that contain multiple options. Using these options,  you can decide how little or how much light you want to let into your home. You can use these window covers to keep your home private and safe by covering street-facing windows at scheduled times of day. Clara offers custom shades that can be fit to any window in your home- bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living spaces, and more. The many shade fabrics and configurations available can make your space comfortable and stylish at the same time.

clara blackout shades

Are you tired of closing and opening the curtains every day to control natural light or privacy? Clara window solutions allow you to tie the shades in your home into an automation system such as Control4. The use of automation means that you can sit back and relax while controlling the shades from your smartphone or tablet. 

This also means that we can tie the shades to other cues in your home. Defined A/V can program the automation systems to close the shades when you turn on the entertainment system for “theater mode”. For security, we can program the shades to come down and the lights to come on when the sun sets each evening. 

Outdoor Solutions with Clara Shades

Enjoy the outdoor spaces you love, free of pests or insects with Clara Shades outdoor screens. Clara outdoor shades can also provide sun protection for patios, porches, cabanas, and casitas.  Enjoy the privacy of your patio without compromising the fresh air and beautiful climate around you.  

All Clara shades can be battery powered or hard lined depending on location and type of shade. These solutions allow you to utilize the shades in the most convenient way for you.  

Contact Us today to schedule a consult. Let us help you find shade solutions for every part of our home- whether it be indoor, outdoor, or customized special spaces.

patio screen clara shade
patio screen outdoor clara shade