Sony A95L QLED

At the 2023 Value Electronics Shootout Event, The Sony A95L was recognized for its excellent performance across the following metrics: 


  • Grayscale and uniformity

  • Shadow detail

  • Black level

  • Color accuracy

  • Native motion

  • HD resolution

  • High APL/color 


As the flagship of the SONY OLED line, the A95L stands out as the prime option among the larger 4k TVs on the market. Its powerful Cognitive Processor XR™ provides viewers with stunning visuals, and crystal clear audio. This King of 4K TVs houses the broadest color spectrum on the market and displays the highest level of contrast. 


Utilize the cinematic sound provided by the TV’s built in speakers, or connect it to a custom designed audio system for a top notch listening experience. 


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