Projector Rentals

Epson HD projectors.

92 inch projector screen for high def broadcasts.

Great for live TV, movies or any media.

Perfect for weddings, parties, live sports, and movie nights.

Projector Rentals Thousand Oaks

Take your event to the next level with an HD projector. We can rent, deliver, and setup HD projectors anywhere in Thousand Oaks, Ventura County and Los Angeles.  Our top of the line Epson HD projectors are perfect for presentation, movies and even live sports. Popular occasions for renting projectors are for weddings, business presentations, movie nights and watching live sports.

Our projectors can be connected to virtually any video source, making it easy to play videos right from your laptop. Looking for something more advanced? No problem. We work with our clients to ensure the projectors and set up correctly and ready to use for their event. So if you would like to rent a projector to play a live game, but you are not sure how to get everything set up, we can help!

projector rentals for weddings Malibu

Projector Rentals for Weddings

These days, wedding toasts are made even better with the help of great presentations. Your photos, videos and slides will look awesome on a 92 inch HD screen. It’s large enough for a big group of people to see from a distance, and will help your stories come to life. The projector can be easily connected to virtually any laptop. We’ll consult with you or your wedding planner to make sure we provide all of the connections cables and accessories you will need to make the projector work smoothly. Delivery and installation services are also available, and we’re happy to coordinate with the venue or wedding planner. We have experience working with top wedding venues in Malibu, Thousand Oaks and throughout southern California.

Thousand Oaks projector rentals

Projector Rentals for Movie Nights

Make your next movie night unforgettable! With our 92 inch HD projector screen, you can create movie theater experience right in your own home. Popcorn is not included, but hey it’s a California, so there’s probably a Trader Joes or Whole Foods right down the street. The projector can be easily connected to a any Blu Ray / DVD player or a laptop computer for streaming Nextflix or watching movies from iTunes. We’re happy to help you figure out the right setup and make your next movie night a success.

projector rentals for watching live sports

Projector Rentals for Live Sports

Whether it’s the Super Bowl, the Rose Bowl or the playoffs, imagine how awesome it will be to have a huge 92 inch HD projector setup to watch the game! We’ll work with you to figure out where the game’s video source is coming from and how to connect it to the projector. With the right plan, we can connect to a set top cable box, satellite box, computer and many other media devices. Your friends will love the game watching experience with your big screen HD projector setup.

projector rentals for business meeting

Projector Rentals for Business Meetings

If you’re hosting a work meeting and need a projector we’ve got you covered. We can set up the projector in most conference rooms, offices or hotel meeting rooms. You can rest assured that we will go over how to use everything with you. So when it’s time for the meeting, you can focus on delivering your presentation, not setting up the IT. We have connection cables for every computer, so regardless whether you’re Mac or Windows, we’ll make sure you’re up and running. Our 92 inch HD projector screen is large enough for a conference room or hotel event room. Make sure your next presentation makes and impact by playing it on a HD projector.