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Where technology meets convenience.
What if all of the electronics in your house could work together? Imagine if your TV, audio, security system, lights, and thermostat could all be controlled from one easy-to-use dashboard on your mobile phone, TV, tablet, and event your remote control. This would not only make your home more comfortable, but more convenient and secure.

This is home control. Total control over all of your homes digital devices from a single remote, accessible from any anywhere. Take control over all of your electronic systems with Control4 Automation.

So what does these mean for you? Picture this, it’s movie night and you sit down with your family to watch a new release. Instead of fumbling around several remotes just to get the movie on, then jumping up because you forgot to turn off the lights, you can just sit back and relax. With one touch of a button, you cue up the movie, adjust the surround sound and dim the lights. It feels like magic.

Then the doorbell rings. Did somebody order a pizza? You can actually see a video of who is at the front door and tell them to hold on while you head over.

What if you forget to close your garage door? Should you turn around? No need. Just pull out your mobile phone, tablet or laptop, and you can close your garage door, set your alarm and even turn off the lights instantly.

Imagine all of the possibilities? Turning your home into a smart home is life changing. Our customers agree, once you experience home automation, it’s a must-have for your home.

Control4 Mobile Access

Access everything from anywhere.
Access any digital device in your home from virtually anywhere. (And never worry about a lost remote ever again!). Turn on the A/C, changed TV channels, shut off the lights, close the garage door, set the alarm all from your Andriod or iPhone. We can even set up security cameras with total mobile access. This means you can visually confirm your children have arrived home from school safely. Or remotely unlock your door to let in the babysitter or housekeeper. Imagine turning off the A/C when you leave for vacation, and turning it back on when you arrive at the airport so when you get home, your house is the perfect temperature.

With total control over your home from your mobile device, you never have to worry about your house when you leave in a hurry. If you forget to turn something on or off, you can do it right from your phone with the touch of a button.

Keep track of what’s going on at your house, anytime from virtually anywhere. We can set up automatic alerts to notify you if a specific door has been open, or water is leaking your basement.
We can set up sensor and motion detectors to monitor any aspect of your home. Get automatic alerts if a specific door or cabinet is open if there is someone moving in your house when they shouldn’t be, or even if your kids are watching or gaming instead of doing their homework. You can depend on these alerts to give you a new found peace of mind.


Living room interior of a luxury home with Control4 Automation in Malibu California

Control4 Home Theater

With our deep product knowledge and technical expertise, we can design the cutting edge dedicated home theater, living room or media room of your dreams. Looking for the ultimate viewing experience with technologies like 4k and 3D projectors with 7.2 channel surround sound? Or maybe you need a professional wall mounted HDTV. Our home automation systems will take your view experience to a new level.

Once you new home automation systems are set up, you’ll be able to instantly turn on the perfect viewing experience just by pressing the “Watch” button. The screen will power on, the channel or movie will cue up, the sound system will adjust and the lights will dim all to your desired settings. All you have to do is grab your favorite drink and snacks, sit down and enjoy the show.

Feel a draft? Adjust the thermostat and turn up the heat right from the control. When you are watching a movie, you probably don’t need the lights on the in the rest of your house. So use your control to turn off unnecessary lights and save electricity. But if you need to get up for a trip to the bathroom, tap the bathroom lights button to automatically raise the lights to 50% on the path to the bathroom.

Our home automation systems are designed to take care of all of the tedious setup work that goes into watching a movie, so you can focus on what really matters, enjoying it.