The 2024 Consumer Electronic Show, CES, gives manufacturers the chance to reveal their latest and greatest designs to the public. This year was full of surprises, including LG’s newest project: a completely transparent OLED television. The first of its kind on the consumer market, this new technology comes with some impressive features.

transparent tv


This 77-inch display features both a transparent screen and an opaque contrast screen that rises from the base to create the image of a traditional LG OLED. The transparent mode can be used to overlay art, media, weather, etc. over the background behind the TV, such as a window or living space. The “T” bar feature scrolls news, weather, and music selections across the bottom of the display to maintain the transparent space above. The contrast screen allows the LG Alpha 11 AI processor to display streaming, cable, and source inputs like a normal TV would. The contrast screen can be raised and lowered out of the base unit with the touch of a button. 


The issue with a large display is always the impact it has on the aesthetic of the room. A large black screen stands out, but that problem is long gone with the SIGNATURE OLED T. When the display is off, the unit blends into the room as a piece of furniture. With the option to have configurable standing or floating shelving, stand alone, against the wall, or wall mounted units, the design features offer a wide variety of looks. There is no equipment to be connected to the unit at the display. Instead, the design is based on the wireless technology of the LG system where the core “brain” of the TV is a separate unit that wirelessly communicates to the display. This sleek box unit can be placed in another part of the room to leave the clean aesthetic of the display uninterrupted. To learn more about this modern marvel television, see the video below.