What is the best TV or Projector for watching the World Cup?

It all comes down to selecting technologies that are best for fast moving images. This years World Cup will have some of the best live filming in the ever produced. However, if you don’t have the right TV screen or projector, you will not be able to enjoy the full experience. In general, plasma for a flat screen is best for fast motion, as seen on World Cup soccer (futbol).

Best Plasma TVs for Watching the World Cup

Here is our recommendation for the best plasma screen TVs on the market for watching the World Cup.


Panasonic was the best but is has unfortunately been discontinued.


Samsung plasma tv

Still not convinced plasma screens are better for watching live sports? Here is an article from Quick Fix Sports explaining why plasma screens are superior for live sports.


This is another article about about plasma vs LCD from consumer reports. Yes it is a few years old, but the fundamentals of the article still hold true. (You might be asking yourself, if plasmas are better, when why is everyone getting LCD TVs? The bottom line is that LCD TVs are more profitable for the manufacturer and can be offered at a lower cost to the consumer.)



Best Projector for Watching the World Cup

best projector for world cupOut of the various projects technologies, the DLP Front projector is best for fast moving images hence live sports. A projector creates a larger field of view enveloping you in the action. Projects can be much better than TVs for watching World Cup and any live sports because projector images are closer to life size.

Here is a list of our best recommendations for projects from the home theater installation experts at Defined Entertainment Design.