Home Automation System and Sonos Multi-Room Audio

Control4 mobile app shown on iPhone held by a woman

They can play music on their Sonos system anywhere in the house and control it all from their Smartphone and Tablets.

The Problem

Homeowners were facing numerous technical and usability issues with their home entertainment system. Their home entertainment system consists of a home theater and a background house music system using Sonos. Speakers in multiple rooms in the house play songs from a central source. At the end of the day, they needed their home sound system to be reliable and easy to use.


The Homeowners Goal

They were looking for a home entertainment system that worked seamlessly, was easy to use, and was reliable. They really wanted the ability to be able to play multiple songs in different rooms simultaneously from the same audio system, and control everything from their Smartphones and Tablets. The system needed to be 100% reliable, with no down time or confusing start up processes. In the living room, the Panasonic flat panel LED screen with Blu-ray / DVD player and 4k television needed to also connect seamlessly to the rooms surround sound system and the whole home audio system.

The Defined Entertainment Solution

We installed a state of the art Control4 home automation system, controllable from Smartphone, Tablet and a standard remote. Then we integrated the houses climate control by connecting the Control4 system to thermostatically controlled fans with LED temperature display and audible alarm triggered if a high temperature was exceed.

Full Sonos home audio integration, so a single remote enables access for all mobile devices, could control the entire audio system. The Sonos home audio system can play 3 separate audio sources simultaneously in different locations.

To improve the home automation system’s performance we improved wifi network speed and range. Cleaned up all of the existing wiring, organized it, and labeled it for future upgrades. Provided a full set of schematics for how the entire system is configured. For future upgrade or any serviceability all of the system information is available for the client.

Project started as a request for a home theater, and whole home multi-room audio system. However, Defined AV built an entire platform making it easy to add more home automation features including climate control, and home security.