Break Through Solar Powered Smart Home Automation

Power, we all want it and need it. Craving control of our own lives, and even for the ones who are immediate in it. It’s a feeling that we can’t deny when it’s there. It sets a tone, it energizes you, creates environments, but what happens when you lose that power?

Modern house with garden swimming pool and wooden deck
Modern house with garden swimming pool and wooden deck

Sonnen Ecolinx is a divine force that can take control of your power when you are powerless. It is combined with smart home automation and solar energy to create a healthy environment. It is the first energy management system, granted Nest and other goods can aid you in energy management but weren’t designed specifically around clean energy. The Ecolinx system integrates with leading technologists smart home automation, Creston, Control 4, and Eaton intelligence. User-friendly, flexible and works with new and existing solar energy components to manage your devices throughout the house, including lights, washer, and dryer, thermostats, even the refrigerator.

Being powered by solar energy it can provide you a clean technological environment for your home. With Ecolinx energy management system powering your home you can control the way energy is consumed throughout your home with automation software. The energy management system can delegate where you choose to store and use energy during power outages. With the management system and its ability to plan ahead and forecast rigorous weather with smart technology, it stores more energy in your battery in case of emergencies. You can select appliances to be turned off during these backup hours to conserve more energy. Adjusting and monitoring the energy of your home in realtime it will suffice energy on where it is being used primarily and needed.

Having power is one thing but maintaining that control can be easily taken away from you. Sonnen has provided technology that is allowing us to become more self-sufficient and sustainable. Combining it with clean energy is not only creating a healthier way of living, but a revolutionary solution. Discover more ways to power your home at Defined A/V to find out the latest smart home technology.