Interior & Exterior Lighting Systems


Defined Entertainment Design offers affordable lighting control systems specifically designed for both homes or businesses. Our lighting control systems provide energy savings as well as peace of mind by allowing you to control a wide variety of lighting environments using intelligent switch communication. Lighting can be controlled by the light switches themselves, multi hard button keypads, car visor button, touchscreens, Smartphone, Tablet or even by your TV.

Our advanced lighting control system offers our clients increased security by allowing initiation of combinations of lights to create a pathway of lighting. Alternately, it is possible to create a scene of ambiance lighting to achieve an enhanced atmosphere and “set the mood.”

Investment in a lighting control systems can often pay for itself as automatically turning on and off lights can significantly lower utility bill expenses.

Lighting control systems can be added to any home or business, whether it is old or new. Defined Entertainment Design’s systems allow retrofitting of any home, whether upgrades are done now, or sometime in the future. Our systems are modular, and can be added easily at any time after the initial system install. You can create your lighting system one switch at a time. Defined Entertainment Design uses Control4 lighting making it “Every Day Easy.”